1. Now Download the QFIL zip file and Extract it anywhere on your computer. (We recommend to extract it on your PC/Laptop desktop. Once extracted, open the folder.

3. Now in the QFIL Folder, Click the QFIL application file and Open it.

4. Once you open it, you will see the following screen on your computer

5. Turn your Phone off using the power button

6. Once your Phone is switched off, Now Hold the Volume UP button and try to connect your phone to PC/Laptop using USB Cable

7. Your Phone model will be displayed on your PC

8. Now extract the downloaded firmware

9. click on browse ( 1 ) and select the extracted firmware

10. Now Click The Download button ( 3 ) to start the Installation process.

11. Installation Process will take almost 10-15 minutes to complete. Be Patient! Don’t disconnect your phone from computer.

12. Once it is done, your device will reboot automatically.



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